Beginner Questions - What inline skate wheels should I buy?

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Beginner Questions - What inline skate wheels should I buy?

Postby Acidedge » Wed Jan 11, 2017 6:00 pm

Inline skate wheels vary in size, profile, hardness, colour, make and cost.

Size: can vary in size from around <56mm to >110mm. Generally, aggressive skates tend to take 56-60mm wheels; freestyle and recreational skates 72-84mm (80mm being standard); fitness skates 84mm-90mm and speed skates 100-110mm.

Profile: can be flat, rounded or eliptical. Aggressive wheels tend to be flat, freestyle wheels rounded and speed wheels eliptical.

Hardness: the durometer of the wheel is its hardness rating. Soft wheels are grippy and hard wheels less so, but will last longer. <80A is rather soft, >90A is very hard. I like my wheels on the hard side for skating outdoors, around the 84-86A mark. If you want wheels a little softer - and therefore grippier - for skating outdoors, try 80-84A. Wheels softer than 80A should only be used indoors, otherwise they will wear out very quickly.

Colour: choose what colour matches your skates! ;) It is said that colour can effect performance, but to such a tiny degree that is barely noticeable except by the most experienced skater.

Make: manufacturers of inline wheels include Hyper, Seba, Labeda, Gyro, AM-Wing, Matter, Bont, etc. I like Hyper Freedom Concrete +Grips... but that's only my opinion.

Cost: I usually pay around £50 for a set of eight wheels. You should not be spending much more than this. However, if you're spending a lot less, don't expect your wheels to last very long.

Any further questions, post below.
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